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October 26 2017


i love little kids that share too much information. today a girl came in with her mom to order food and i told her i liked her dress. she said “thanks my mom stole it from target”









I was on the bus thinking about Harry Potter tonight and I remembered the part where the Dementors all show up at the Quidditch game, and I remembered how they were all looking up at Harry, and I wondered why they would all be staring at him, and then I realized that it’s because he has two souls in him.

On this note, wouldn’t that also be a reason why Harry would have had a more negative reaction than his friends (even Ginny)? He was hearing his mother’s voice as she was protecting him, which in itself was his worst memory. but the Dementors were also forcing the piece of Voldemort to relive its worst memory as well… The memory of being ripped apart by the curse that backfired. No wonder Harry passed out so often.

I literally never thought about that.


Oh FUCKING HELL, you just made me realize that it wasn’t Harry’s memory that was his father telling Lily to take Harry and run, and it wasn’t Harry’s memory of Lily screaming.

Here I was, just eating a cup of applesauce under the 14-year-long assumption that the reason a small infant was able to remember something was because this was a fictional world of magic, but no, now this entirely reasonable and somewhat less terrifying bubble has burst and I’m never going to recapture that innocence. 

I’m going to fucking bed.

But also, how fucking amazing is it – truly miraculous – that Harry was able to cast a Patronus with a piece of Voldemort’s soul inside of him? Can you imagine that level of goodness and fortitude? 😍😍

@bixgirl1 YES. I’ve seen this post floating around and it always made me sad but looking at it like that makes me so much happier because just think of the way people behaved around a Horcrux and Harry literally had one inside of him and even then he was such a good fucking person.

Steve Irwin would have been able to lift Mjolnir, reblog if you agree.

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Ummm why haven’t i seen any pictures of this beautiful boi n his cute lil smile????

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good fucking bye space kid 

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Hey I watched a cow chop video for the first time. So hey quick question, what the fuck?

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honestly if this ain’t me…… i’ve never felt more connected to ryan gosling 

October 25 2017

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I can’t believe it’s taken movies this long to realize one woman could be both of these things. (gif sources: @dceumovies and @cartersharon)

this is literally James Cameron’s nightmare. hahahaha






English: I before E except for after C

Me: then explain Poseidon

He is the Sea.

Listen here you little smooth son of a biscuit


I before E except 

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Loki’s cotumes in Thor: Ragnarok


“I want a plus-sized princess!”


“I want a princess who can’t sing!”


“I want a princess who can fight!”


“I want a non-traditional princess!”


In conclusion Fiona is great and just because Disney didn’t make her doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist.

October 24 2017

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We spend so much time together here, I know everything about everyone. I know Hitchcock went bald at 15, Scully used to date Hitchcock’s wife, Charles has a bike with a little basket on the front, and Rosa has a shower in her apartment, I think. I got nothing on her.











apparently modern medieval scholars have no solid idea why there’s so many old paintings of knights fighting snails.  Like that wasn’t just one weird painting there’s hundreds of those.  

the firste meyme

And my favorite one here

I’m not saying humanity defeated an invasion of snail aliens in the Middle Ages but hold on wait that’s EXACTLY what I’m saying

snail aliens, or snaliens,

probably it was just funny so people kept doing it. which is basically what a meme is

the explanation I’ve heard is that most of the monks who did these illustrations would have kept small gardens where they grew all their own food and this was their way of venting about snails ruining their gardens

ok thats even funnier

This is hands down one of my favourite posts on Tumblr.

“Fuckin snails, I’m gonna draw me some God damn knights killing the shit out of these shell slime fucks. Teach them to fucking ruin my herbs. Assholes.”




do women follow the “jr” “3rd” naming convention

i just realized ive never met a woman whos been named the exact same as their parent and i feel like that has to do with the fact that men are obsessed with themselves and their Lineage or whatever the fuck



my back hurts so much that i cant fuckin move cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

i’ve taken 3 ibprofens so im fuckin in the clouds but my BAack STillL FUCKIN HURTSS

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me every friday night

is this that guy that uses a syringe to put his semen in chicken eggs and cuts them open later to see if he can find his living son inside

is this who now


brain: do you have your wallet?

me: *slaps my ass so hard everyone in the target can hear it*

me: yeah

my back hurts so much that i cant fuckin move cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

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