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October 13 2017

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B99 Week

↳ Day 6 ● Funniest Moments/Quotes

+ bonus:



the year is 2070, tombstones have been abandoned in favour of 4ft tall marble funkopop figures of the deceased



I don’t watch Once Upon A Time but every clip I’ve seen is like

Quasimodo: “And where is the amulet?”
Edgar from Aristocats: “Safe and sound I assure you. Isn’t that right, Lightning McQueen?”
*the sounds of revving comes out of the shadows*

Commercial break

this is better than the actual writing i can assure you





all public school anti-bullying activism is extremely transparent and meaningless


me: hey this person called me a stupid dyke today

faculty: hmm that’s unfortunate. have you tried perhaps, not being gay?

I feel like everyone is against bullying until they actually look at the kids who are being bullied.

The cheesy anti-bullying tapes that they show in schools feature these skinny straight white neurotypical kids who get picked on for no reason. Usually the insults are something along the lines of “You’re a loser!” or “Get lost, freak.” All the kids watching immediately feel bad for the victim, and think “Aw! She didn’t deserve that!” 

Then, ten minutes later, they go pick on some marginalized kid without thinking twice. As an autistic person, I was often this kid. The insults I heard growing up were not “You’re a loser!” or “Get lost, freak.” They were “Don’t let the retard work with us” or “Shouldn’t she be going to the special school?”

The problem is we teach kids that bullying occurs for no other reason other than just to be mean. This could not be further from the truth. Bullying occurs because as a society, we condition kids into hating fat, black, neurodivergent, queer, and disabled people. Kids don’t bully each other just to be mean. They do it because if something’s “wrong” with the person, it’s completely justified.

But of course, we can’t tell kids this kind of stuff. We can’t say, “Hey! Making fun of your gay classmate is bad!”

Because when we do, suddenly the phone calls come pouring in, each with a parent on the other end screaming “You can’t be feeding my son that liberal propaganda!” 

This buffalo tea


do you ever wonder what celebrities would think you’re hot if they saw you

October 12 2017


Bobo and Brain Guy are basically Kinga’s weird uncles and I love that


god I’m absolutely going to hell I’m sorry guys 

I was at my friend’s engagement party yesterday and everyone was about to do cheers with these nasty ass shots of blue tequila but I don’t drink and I especially do not drink tequila, blue or otherwise, so I grabbed a piece of bread from the basket on the table and just tapped it against people’s glasses like it was a legitimate beverage instead of a wheat byproduct 

and one of my friends was like ‘ho what in god’s name are you doing’ 

and I didn’t know how to say I would rather slice off my own foot than drink tequila so I just held my bread up and said ‘I’m toasting’ 

and in that moment I felt my soul descend directly into the eighteenth circle of hell

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”The woman’s got to show up, [like], “We all done, sweetie? Okay. Out you go, I gotta make a story out of this mess.”

#me @ quentin tarantino fans

Mad Max: Fury Road and practically every film JJ Abrams has ever made including The Force Awakens.

Mad Max: Fury Road was edited by Margaret Sixel, who is married to George Miller and who he begged to edit the film because he said that if a man edited it, would be a totally different movie and not one he wanted to make.

Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey edited The Force Awakens. Maryann Brandon has worked on almost all of the shows and films Abrams has worked on and Mary Jo Markey is also a frequent collaborator.

Thelma Colbert Schoonmaker has edited all of Martin Scorcese’s films since Raging Bull and worked with him for around 40 years.

Sally Menke edited all of Quentin Tarantino’s films until her tragic death in 2010.

Julia Bloch is an editor gaining attention for her work on Blue Ruin and Green Room.

about 40% of Hollywood editors are women. when discussing how these women are underrepresented, you need to give their names.

Verna Davis edited Jaws, a movie in which careful and deliberate editing is crucial to the film’s overall suspense (and to help work around the lack of shark footage, given that the mechanical shark was constantly malfunctioning) 

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no offense but i’m in fucking tears


*hits the bong* ya know……i used to be a smart kid . i was so f ucking smart man. i can’t even read anymore dude




Just because you did something wrong in the past doesn’t mean you can’t advocate against it now. It doesn’t make you a hypocrite. You just grew. Don’t let people use your past to invalidate your current mindset.

Hypocrisy is when you do something after you’ve condemned it.

Growth is when you condemn something because you’ve learned from your mistakes.


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Basically my thoughts on the “Millennials are Killing X” trend.

I’m going to fucking lose my mind this is peak political cartoon art

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he’s just checking on his son

October 11 2017

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I can use the light to build cool things?
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) dir. James Gunn

shakespeare is a true Nice Guy because he deconstructed the manic pixie dream girl in one of his sonnets

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Atla Meme - Seven Friendships/Ships

Zuko & Sokka  [3/7]
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The Simpsons Movie (2007)

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@indigopersei is the french language just always on the verge of getting someone accused of assault or..?

my friend,
if only you knew

It’s a very dangerous language to learn

Here’s an interesting thing about French! Everything needs to have an article in front of it. That’s why it’s “la chat” as opposed to just “chat”. So, for instance, you could say la fille for the girl, or jeune fille for young girl, but you can’t just say fille, because that means you are calling her a sex worker in a derogatory way.

The moral of the story is, if you want to make something rude in French, just take out the article in front of it. Yes, this works for nearly. every. word.

#now I’m wondering how often my high school french teacher was silently screaming because of this little fact

Every year. Every year there’s that kid who forgets that you can’t translate “I am excited” to “Je suis excitée”. And every year Monsieur Jordan has to slam the brakes before that kid can finish his sentence and then tactfully ask him not to announce to the class that he is horny.

“is the french language always on the verge” oh buddy, oh pal, i am so happy to break this news to you: 

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