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May 18 2018

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Probably the best gag of the season.

tfw you just need your players to get to the damn quest already

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Character development done correctly.

Why?? Can’t more shows?? Do this?? Right??

a:tla was the ultimate kids show because the writers didn’t approach it with the attitude of “they’re kid, they won’t recognize crappy writing”

May 17 2018

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Poe Dameron by Kevin Wada

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marvel aesthetics: team thor + pins

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I read somewhere that the actors for Loki and Frigga decided they should share a tic…to pick at their hands when they were upset or nervous. I decided to look for it, and lo and behold, it’s true! I guess that’s something of a ‘tell’ if Loki is in disguise, heh heh. Fauxdin indeed. 

Deleted “Ragnarok” scenes that should be included in the dvd


1) The Grandmaster singing the Sakaarian national anthem

2) The Grandmaster’s one-hour long monologue

3) Thor and Hela fighting over the right pronunciation of Mjolnir before their final battle

4) “Through the public toilet and what Thor and Loki found there”

5) homeless Odin

6) Thor showing his tattoo to Loki

7) that goddamn 


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every Silmarillion reference in lotr & hobbit  —  (2/?)

« ..the Eldar said that the light of the Two Trees, Laurelin and Telperion, had been snared in her tresses. Many thought that this saying first gave to Fëanor the thought of imprisoning and blending the light of the Trees that later took shape in his hands as the Silmarils. For Fëanor beheld the hair of Galadriel with wonder and delight. He begged three times for a tress, but Galadriel would not give him even one hair. »

Anyway, this is also when Legolas started to fall in love with Gimli.

The only real way I can handle the beauty of this scene, and the one in the books, is to hunt down and read every passage that involve some combination of Gimli, Legolas, and Galadriel. Then I will read the first few chapters of Silmarillion and then go back and read all the chapters involving Lorien in LOTR. Then I will weep quietly Like…..OK CliffNotes for those who dont Know.

Feanor was the best elf. His mother put so much effort and magic into his birth that she could not have any more children after him. He was great at pretty much everything he did including being an arrogant jerk. When the world was first made it was lit by two trees of light. Imagine there not being night or day, but the sky is full of infinite amount of color highlighted by interchanging gold and silver. Feanor in all his power is able to capture this light into three gems called the Silmarils. These gems, and Feanor’s bad choices, are the catalyst for thousands of years of war, death, betrayal, and overall Bad Things. 

OH! Ever wonder why Elves and Dwarves hate each other? It was because of a Silmaril! But at this point it’s so long I doubt many remember it and now it’s just a bunch of long standing resentments and mistrust.

Now Gimli, He is here in Lorien after having lost Gandalf in Moria. All these elves are thinking very loudly about it’s all his fault and they never should have gone to Moria. He feels so much pain and guilt over this he cant help but lower his head in shame.But Galadriel rebukes them all and asks if they wouldnt do the same if they had a chance to see their ancestral homelands and great cities, which btw were in the west in Beleriand that sank into the sea (also because of the Silmarils). Moria is probably the only great city still standing from the First Age and Galadriel might be the only person who would’ve seen it. All the glory and splendor that Gimli dreams of Khazad-dum, Galadriel saw the real thing and knows its true majesty. 

Gimli is so taken aback by this woman, an elf, giving him hope and comfort that he basically falls in love with her. Not romantically, more like pure devotion so much that later he is straight up ready to kill some men of Rohan who call her a witch. When it comes time for Galadriel’s farewell goodie bags, She genuinely doesn’t know what to give a dwarf and tells him to name  his desire. He dares not ask anything of her, but only because she told him to he says he would want one hair from her head.

NOW. Does he know anything about the Light of Trees, or the Silmarils, or Feanor and his request of Galdriel? NO. He just wants a hair of the most beautiful woman on Middle-Earth, a title that no one has questioned since the dawn of the First Age, because she showed kindness to a dwarf. She gives him three due to poetic symmetry and this becomes a lasting bond between elves and dwarves for what is left of the Third Age. Years that Gimli and Legolas spend going on dates to show each other their favorites forests and caves and brag to each other.

I want to make one distinction. People say that Legolas knew the story of Feanor and Galadriel and that’s why he became friends with Gimli, but I doubt that. Legolas is of the Silvan elves. They never traveled farther west then the Misty Mountains or to Valinor like the Noldor, Feanor and Galadriels people. The Silvan elves never met the Valar or took part in any of the events of the First Age involving the Noldor, the Silmarils, or any of that mess. They only would have heard about it much later. And even though Legolas definitely knew about Feanor and the Silmarils, the story of Feanor being obsessed with Galadriel’s hair is probably not something that made the history books.

I think it is much more likely that Legolas was just so impressed by the interaction between Galadriel and Gimli that he HAS to know more about this dwarf. Like if some kid in high school met a famous celebrity and now everybody wants to be his friend. He sees how smart, dignified, and charming this dwarf is and he takes him back to Valinor where their love will last for eternity.

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from partners in chem lab to husband and wife



dumbledore: ok so for your detention i’m sending you out to the forbidden forest 

hogwarts students: um what if we get attacked by something



cr1tikal just popped up on my facebook feed cos of his ball pit for his dog. this is a weird timeline

i went to best buy and they asked me if i had the rewards card and i almost mcfreakin lost it



pewdiepie literally used the “is that setheverman?” meme in his video yesterday… can someone perhaps kill me right here and now please and thank you very much appreciated

seth, you really, really dont deserve this, im sorry

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Fitz, I knew from the moment I saw you, from our first conversation about dielectric polarisation, that you’d be in my life for a very long time. But I didn’t know you would be my life. My home. My heart. We joined this team for adventure and got more than we hoped. But I can’t wait for our next adventure: building a family together. My love for you grows deeper and always will. No matter where the universe takes us next.

I have been thinking about what to say… I just… words don’t really seem enough. I think that you are perfect. And um, I don’t deserve you, Jemma. I don’t. I don’t deserve you. And I’m well aware that I’m the luckiest man on any planet.


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A Series of Unfortunate Events, Season Two (2018) 

May 16 2018

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Academy Award winning actress Cate Blanchett

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